Homefront: The Revolution Preorder Bonuses

Homefront: The Revolution Preorder Bonuses

It’s almost time to fight in Homefront: The Revolution, and you can see all of the available preorder bonuses right here.

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Homefront: The Revolution is a first-person shooter game set in an open world environment with many districts to explore. The player can scavenge for supplies to modify weapons and equipment. The Korean People’s Army (KPA) weapons are all fingerprint-locked and as such they have a sizeable advantage over the resistance. There are side missions where the player will be called off to carry out tasks like assassinating a high-ranking KPA general or steal a KPA drone. Another new feature introduced is the enhanced ability to modify weapons such as adding a fore-grip or a sight in the middle of a firefight or to convert a rifle to a Light Machine Gun and vice versa. Philadelphia is split into three districts. The Green Zone is the affluent area where at the center of the city the KPA is at its strongest, they are also where the invaders are at their most comfortable: they have running water, a stable power supply, and their fortifications make green zones one of the safest places in the city.

The second district is the Yellow Zone, which is the ghetto area where most of the population live. Patrols happen frequently and it is very difficult for the rebels to navigate. The cluttered city streets are awash with patrols, scanner drones, and ever-watching cameras. Power and water are intermittent and overpopulation has forced people into slum-like tent cities. The Red Zone is the bombed-out suburban area of Philadelphia that is full of ruins and rubble; it is also where the resistance is at its strongest. While the KPA presence is still heavy, players will run into resistance troops, weapon caches, and traps set up to take out enemy patrols. The landscape is barren, though. Heavy shelling and frequent street battles have left most of the buildings in rubble and there is a constant haze of brick dust. It is the Forbidden Zone, so if the KPA catch anyone out there, they will shoot on sight — and call in back-up.

Unlike the first Homefront, which features a competitive multiplayer mode, The Revolution features a four-player cooperative multiplayer mode. This mode, known as the “Resistance” mode, is separated from the main campaign and has its own characters, progression, classes and perks. Dambuster Studios promised that this mode would have a difficulty level that is similar to the Dark Souls games.

Homefront: The Revolution Pre Order Bonus Roundup

Schedule Mon 4-8, Tue: 4-10, Wed: 4-8,
Thur: 4-10, Fri: 4-11, Sat: 2-11, Sun: 2-8
(all times are EST) During summer times will
extend. Dont Forget to Follow me on Twitter for time updates. Watch Live on Twitch @TacticalShooter PC Specs-

AMD Ryzen 5 3600
16gb RAM DDR5
500 gb SSD
Corsaire Harpoon
Black Widow Keyboard

The Worst Game I’ve EVER Played: Homefront: The Revolution (PS4)

With a YouTube career spanning 8 years, I NEVER thought I’d top some of the crap that I’ve played in the past. Today was that day. In this video I run down Homefront: The Revolution on PS4, why it’s such a horrid game and even directly compare it to some of the worst games I’ve played in the past, to explain why I think it is the worst EVER.

Check out my gameplay of Homefront: the Revolution here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpJ_nfLQmnE &list=PL_QtSMEGimbxdIs8jjViWJA5U9QUdCnS9

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Homefront The Revolution review 2021 ( so is this worth a play?)

So everyone is talking about homefront the revolution due to it having timesplitters 2 hidden in it and I thought I’d play the game as it missed my radar COMPLETELY

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Homefront®: The Revolution is an open-world first person shooter where you must lead the Resistance movement in guerrilla warfare against a superior military force.

• Explore a living, breathing open world – experience true open world gameplay in a first person shooter, brought to life with astonishing CRYENGINE-powered visuals

• Wage Guerrilla Warfare – this is no linear shooter; learn the art of guerrilla warfare and use ambush, infiltration and hit and run tactics against your foe in thrilling un-scripted firefights

• Build the Resistance – recruit revolutionaries to the cause, establish bases and safehouses, capture and customise a deadly arsenal, and build improvised, homebrew weapons for your Guerrilla Tool Kit

• Ignite the Revolution – from oppressed citizen to revolutionary leader, an epic single-player campaign tells the story of the second War of Independence. The dynamic, evolving world responds to your actions as an oppressed nation rises up in defiance against the occupation

• Online Co-Op – take the battle online, form a Resistance Cell with your friends and earn your reputation as Heroes of the Revolution