Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Is Only $135 Right Now

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Is Only $135 Right Now

With the latest Target Circle deal, you can knock an additional 10% off the price of Microsoft’s premium controller.

Xbox Design Lab – Elite Series 2 Unboxing

Personalize your Elite Series 2 controller with Xbox Design Lab. Now you have billions of colorful ways to make the most customizable controller from Xbox unmistakably yours! Choose from a variety of different colors to customize nearly all the external parts of the Elite Series 2 controller including the body, back case, D-pad, bumpers, triggers, thumbsticks, and more.

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All Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 Thumbsticks Are Defective!

Since some have asked, here’s what I’d recommend getting instead of an Elite Series 2 if you still want paddles/buttons on the back. It’s a module that goes where your battery goes, plugs into your console as if you had a wired controller, and gives you paddles/buttons on the back of the controller (obviously only use it for paddles/buttons and not macros):


This is the 10th Elite Series 2 that I’ve purchased over the past few months from various retailers and every single one of them have had this exact same issue. There is a large dead zone or area of looseness in the middle of the stick that allows you to slightly move the thumbstick, but none of that input will register in-game. This makes for an extremely unresponsive aiming experience, especially in FPS games like Destiny 2, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Warzone, or Apex Legends where aiming is everything.

This dead zone or looseness makes it incredibly hard to make precise movements with the stick, which are very important in FPS games. There is no way to fix this and it is a factory defect. Its effect is also dramatically increased the taller your thumbstick is, so if you use something like a KontrolFreek or just the taller thumbstick that comes with the controller, then this effect will be even worse.

I’ve returned the previous 9 controllers to the respective retailer (Best Buy, Costco, Microsoft, Amazon, Target) for a full refund and will be doing the same with this one. I’m really hoping that Microsoft is aware of this issue and working on fixing it. Unless I have the worst luck in the world, this is a global factory defect that is present in ALL Elite Series 2 controllers and there is no way to fix it. It can be slightly reduced by increasing the tension to the max setting but this doesn’t fully solve the problem like it should.

I’m hoping that this video can help spread some awareness to help people realize that their controller probably has the same issue and drive Microsoft to fix this issue and offer replacements for everyone.

Thanks for watching!

Elite Series 2 Is *GARBAGE*

This controller has caused me problems from the day I got it.

Don’t waste your money on this joke of a product.

XBOX ELITE Series 2 Controller | Honest Review

The XBOX ELITE V2 is definitely the best among it’s competition. The compatibility and feature set for this build are literally pushing the envelope for all the other custom controller companies and I can’t wait to see what the future hold for The Xbox Series 2.

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